Level III-A Rapid Response Helmet


Level III-A Rapid Response Helmet



With mission critical operations contingent on a steady supply of the High Cut Ballistic Helmets, International Armor leveraged our production capability and answered the call of duty. Already in production and sold to NATO and Air Force troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

With optimal shape, weight, and material, the new innovative shape of the Rapid Response Ballistic Helmet is a perfect balance of modularity and protection. This welterweight comes in at exactly 2.67 lbs and conforms to MIL 662F Specs. What does this mean? It’s been weighed, measured, and tested to meet FULL Military compliance.

Additionally, all the fittings on the Rapid Response Ballistic Helmet conform to Standard MARSOC / WARCOM 3-hole patterns making this High Cut Helmet tactical piece fully modular and customizable to any operation. The modular four piece chinstrap also provides a comfortable, scalable fit.

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  • Small / Medium - 2.68 Lbs
  • Medium / Large - 2.93 Lbs
  • Large / XL - 3.18 Lbs


  • Head Circumference
  • Small / Medium - 21” - 22 1/8”
  • Medium / Large - 22 1/2” = 23 3/8”
  • Large / XL - 23 3/8” - 24”


  • Colors: Green, Tan, Black, Camouflage, ACU
  • Military Standard 662F
  • Occ-dial at back allows for maximum secure fit
  • Head-lock chinstrap system increases helmet stability
  • Night vision mount
  • Elastic Band Reduces vibration of night vision devices
  • Compatible with most night vision devices
  • 4 Position Accessory rail connectors for use of helmet accessories

Optional Attachments

  • O2 Mask
  • Night vision
  • Side strobe light
  • Eye Protection
  • Attachable face protection
  • Flip-up
  • Attachable
  • Headsets
  • Mounted lights or cameras